Ongoing Planning

Ongoing planning allows us to optimize your various financial aspects including your investments, retirement plan, cash flows, and tax planning. Below are the steps you can expect if we engage in ongoing financial planing together:

icons8 collaborating in circle 50 Step 1 – Contact us for a free consultation. We offer a free 30-minute zoom or phone call to discuss your current situation, let you know the different ways we work with our clients, and find out if we would be a good fit to work together.

save Step 2 – Proposal – We will either email a proposal offering two alternative ways we might work together or ask to have an additional meeting with you.

icons8 business e mail 50 Step 3 – Additional Meeting – If you would like to discuss the proposal in person or have additional questions we will have an additional meeting upon request.

icons8 family 50 Step 4 – Discovery Meeting – We will have a longer discovery meeting to comprehensively discuss your values, goals, assets and liabilities.

icons8 helping hand 50 Step 5 – Financial Plan – We will deliver and discuss a one-page financial plan to guide our work moving forward. Investment recommendations will be presented for discussion.

icons8 meditation 50 Step 6 Ongoing Planning – We continue to implement the financial plan at a pace that works for you and meet regularly to guide you through a lifetime of good financial decisions!

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