How do you get paid?

Financial planning fees get deducted right from your investment accounts quarterly and we send you an invoice to reflect the amount deducted.

What does fee only mean?

Fee only means there are no commissions or hidden fees. The only fee you will be charged is the one we agree upon right up front.

How do you work virtually with clients?

We will send meeting information for you ahead of time and use Zoom to have our regular meetings. Having a phone call is absolutely fine if that is more comfortable for you.

What is financial planning?

Many services are part of a comprehensive financial plan. The big building blocks include Investments, Retirement, Insurance and Risk Planning, Estate Planning, and Tax Planning. Based on what you are trying to accomplish you may only need to address one or two in the beginning, but a good financial planner will address them all during your work together.

What is involved in Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning should include analyzing how much you will spend during retirement and how much your investments and other sources of income will provide during your retirement. It also involves making decisions about when to begin taking social security and what type of Medicare you will choose.  Taxes are an important consideration and if properly planned can save you quite a bit of money at this important juncture of your life.