Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services Offered:


Retirement Planning – we help you skillfully plan your future to make sure your financial resources align with your desired lifestyle while saving taxes. This includes careful consideration of when to start taking social security, deciphering the many options of Medicare for what will best suit you, and optimizing cash flows in retirement. How you take distributions can save (or cost) you thousands of dollars in retirement!

Investment Management – we assist in maximizing your assets while minimizing your risk using smart investing strategies and your perfect asset allocation. Use your sustainable investment portfolio to vote with your dollars on what matters to you.

Making Money More Meaningful – let’s discover the meaning money has for you, overcome limiting beliefs surrounding money, and find the fun in spending, saving, and strategizing with your money.

Tax Planning Strategies – it takes planning ahead to choose your tax bracket! Tax planning helps you get a big picture understanding of how to keep more dollars in your pocket by being smart with retirement contributions and withdrawals alongside other tactics.

Estate & Trust Planning – estate strategies can secure your financial resources, reduce uncertainty, and prepare future generations for success. We will help you keep your estate appropriate through tax law changes.

Other – we also assist with charitable giving, business support & planning, budgeting, and saving techniques, insurance assessment, career changes, employee benefit support, college education planning, debt payoff techniques and more.


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Financial Services

We offer different financial service options

If you are looking for a professional who has the tools to increase your wealth you are in the right place. Money can be helpful, but it can also be complex and overwhelming. We want to help you find the happiness and empowerment money can bring. When you are ready to work towards financial empowerment and are ready to save thousands of dollars by being smart with your money, we are here and ready to work with you. Our job, and pleasure, is to provide financial planning ideas that fit into your financial situation to save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. We do this by saving taxes, planning distributions and utilizing retirement tactics, as well as other methods. Vanguard has proven financial advisors improve their clients returns by over 3% annually! If that sounds like something you would like to do take a look at the options below for a couple of ways we can work together:

Financial Fitness

Retirement Plan

Ongoing Planning

Value and Goal Discovery

Included in Meeting #1

Included in Meeting #1

Included in Meeting #1



In person (virtual optional).

In person (virtual optional).


Six 1:1 accountability meetings.

Four to five meetings in person (or virtually) or until you are comfortable with the plan.

Four initial planning meetings and quarterly ongoing touches.

Topics Covered

Single topic.

Retirement, cash flows, investments, tax planning and more.

Retirement, cash flows, investments, tax planning, estate planning, insurance and more.

What You Might Be Looking For:

The "thing" just happened and you want help with changes or getting your money invested.

You want to know how much money you can spend in retirement and how much you will have  at the end of your life.

You want to be prepared for unexpected events in life and make sure everything is taken care of as you go.

What You Get

Foundation to prepare for the unexpected.

A plan with all the details about maximizing your retirement funds.

Real time advice for life changes as they happen.




0.8% - 1.25% of Assets

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