Jennifer Macedo, CFP


About Our Financial Advisor

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Hey there, lovely souls! I’m Jennifer, your fiduciary and financial planner. But hey, that’s not all—I’m also a proud mama to two incredible young adult children and the lucky wife of an artist extraordinaire, Ronaldo. By the way, did I mention that I hold the title of the first-ever woman to open an independent registered advisory business on the west side of Maui? It’s a wild ride, let me tell you!

Now, let’s talk about my love for learning and unleashing my creative spirit. I’m definitely a forever student, always hungry for knowledge and eager to dive into new horizons. And you know what truly lights up my soul? Assisting my amazing clients in envisioning, planning, and manifesting their wildest dreams—because life is a canvas, and we’re here to create our most vibrant masterpieces!

I’ve got the academic credentials to back it up too—I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from New Mexico State University. And hey, in 2020, I received my Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) license, adding an extra sparkle to my already impressive repertoire. With a solid decade of financial planning experience under my belt, I’ve become quite the wizard at guiding others on their financial journeys.

But here’s the secret sauce—I firmly believe that our best work happens when we start with a heart full of gratitude and leave ample room for the universe to weave its magnificent magic. There’s something truly mystical about aligning our intentions with the cosmic forces that surround us. So, let’s embark on this adventure together, where numbers and spirituality dance in perfect harmony, and we co-create a future that leaves you spellbound.

Are you ready to unlock the enchantment of your financial destiny? Then let’s dive in and paint a breathtaking masterpiece with the universe as our co-collaborator!

Jennifer Macedo, CFP


Fiduciary Defined

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Have you ever wondered what a fiduciary is? Well, let me enlighten you. A fiduciary can be seen as the antithesis of a narcissist. Unlike a narcissist who prioritizes their own interests, a fiduciary operates with the best interests of their clients in mind. They wholeheartedly serve their clients, placing their clients’ needs and desires above their own.

For further insights on this topic, I highly recommend checking out our captivating blog post titled “Fiduciary Apple Pie.” It’s a delightful read that delves deeper into the concept of fiduciaries and their invaluable role.

Jennifer’s Hobbies and Leisure Activities

The Ocean: There’s something truly magical about immersing ourselves in the vast expanse of the ocean! It makes me feel free and aligned with the universe. Anytime in the ocean is a good time. I like to kite, surf, go on our boat, or just go for a refreshing swim.

My Dog: My furry meditation guru, Miley is always teaching me more. She’s not just a puppy—she’s a wise soul who has mastered the art of stillness and presence. Together, we find solace in the gentle embrace of nature, particularly in the company of swaying palm trees and the soft touch of grass beneath our feet.

Other: I’ve recently delved into the creative realm of crafting financial oracle cards, and I’m thrilled to share this exciting venture with you! By signing up for my blog/newsletter, you’ll be among the first to know when these enchanting cards are ready to be unveiled. Get ready to embark on a divinely inspired journey towards financial wisdom and empowerment!