Can a financial planner help me save thousands of dollars?

When an individual is considering working together it’s common for me to say that I can help them save thousands of dollars. They don’t always voice it, but I can see it on their face; Can you help me save thousands of dollars? Yes! 

Several concerns may be keeping you from engaging with a financial planner; Trust cost and not understanding the benefits.

I’ll speak about Trust first. I’ve been clear for most of my life that I am on this planet to help people. It just took me a while to figure out how. Now that I have my CFP, ten years of experience, and my own financial planning business I am beyond thrilled to be of service to others. Regardless of voicing my clarity, you may need your own. Amongst your neighbors, friends, and family, certainly, someone knows of myself and my family as we’ve raised our kids here in this beautiful community. You can also find more information on Google, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I have been here a long time and I’m not going anywhere.

The money saved using financial planning varies widely depending on individual circumstances. There is no book, podcast, or Google search you can use to find out where your money savings will come from. Below, I list the situation, the income, and the net worth of some of the clients I have helped. Keep in mind these do not take into consideration the power of compounding! 

Family of four, $150,000 annual income, $200,000 net worth. Saved $16,000 in two years utilizing the healthcare marketplace.

High-income business owner +$500,000 annual income, and an $11 million net worth. Saved $100,000 between federal and state tax in one year.

Woman business owner +$100,000 annual income, and a $50,000 net worth. Reclaimed $30,000 outstanding money and +$5,000 annual savings.

A widow with +$100,000 annual income, and a $500,000 net worth. +$175,000 generated from assistance with selling multiple businesses.

Single man with $300,000 annual income, and a $600,000 net worth. Retirement planning increases the portfolio by over $5 million throughout his lifetime. 

The above situations don’t even touch on the investment return or the peace of mind you will have knowing that a professional is at your fingertips to guide you with your money and help you make smart financial decisions. 

I try to make financial planning affordable for everyone. I have hourly rates for shorter engagements, but if you are ready to get into the meaty part of financial planning where you save not only thousands, but hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars, my annual rates start at $3,600. I believe the true question is Can you afford not to hire a financial planner?